Vote “YES”!

This is what we want to see everyone doing right now.

We’ve successfully managed to add a question for all University of South Florida students to vote “Yes” thus repealing the 15% tuition hike. If you’re a student, (even if just part-time) vote here. You have until 8pm Eastern Time to do so.

Still not knowing what’s up with the 15% Tuition Hikes? It means YOU the student were forced to pay 15% more for tuition than the last 2008-2009 academic year. What’s that mean in figures? You went from paying $123.59 to $191.06…per credit hour. That’s $67.47 more than last year…per hour. What if you’re a full-time student taking the minimum 4 classes? That’s exactly $269.88 more you’re paying this year just because USF Administration decided you could afford it. Without consulting you.

VOTE YES! You DO want to repeal the tuition hikes. YES you DO want to do everything you can to stop student discrimination. When your very own administration is taking $500,000 in bonuses but you’re being charged 15% more every single year ’till 2019, will you vote YES to stop it?

Then do it.


One thought on “Vote “YES”!

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