No Amount of Political Freedom Will Satisfy the Hungry Masses.

Photograph by Tefa

Occupy Wallstreet gave way to solidarity occupations in numerous cities around the nation; and our very own Tampa Bay was not excluded. Lots of us Tampa Bay SDS’ers have demonstrated our solidarity and have done everything we can to help Occupy Tampa’s struggle. While the hype for the event reminded us it would be a “peaceful occupation”, we could not help but wonder why police had released a report stating they had barricaded the public park. Would there be arrests? Would there even be an event?

We arrived that Saturday morning with banners, bullhorns and clipboards–ready to take names and add to the overall energy of Occupy Tampa. The event was peaceful and refreshing–as our very own Tampa Bay SDS Chapter is new to activism. We learned why everyone was there; where their politics were; and how Occupy Wallstreet had hit home for them all…us all. We are all ready for change, hungry for change.

Occupiers gathered to air-out grievances against Corporate America.

And with that, it is our utmost pleasure to publicly announce we have had our first, actual victory! Our proposed referendum passed with a favored 81% from USF Voters! A grand win–one we take to heart and have learned so much from. Thank you to all who voted! Also to all who have stopped in the middle of going to class, lunch or studying to listen to us along our journey. Your struggle is our struggle!

The 81% Victory reported on USF's The Oracle


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