We Are Freedom Debators.


You’ve got a date with us at 6pm. Monday, October the 24th!

Kicking the week off with a little debate against the 15% Tuition Hikes is Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society! Our very own Jonathan Daniels has a radio show called Book of Juggulations. Guess who he has invited to host a live debate against the hikes at USF? US! You’re invited to listen in; and give us all your feedback.

If you are not familiar with the hikes, stay tuned. We’ll be schooling all the skeptics who feel the hikes are a must for the “quality of the product” (or as we refer to it–education).

Listen here:

Call-in during the show at: (813) 974-9285
Become a supporter of the Coalition Against Tuition Hikes here.
Member of Tampa Bay SDS here.


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