Video Killed the Radio Star but it Can’t Stop NPR!

-Dani Leppo

Monday October 10 my fellow Tampa Bay SDS members met with Rob Lorei from NPR to discuss our campaign against the recent 15% Tuition Hikes at USF. We had no idea the interview would gives us such exposure and support.

Tampa Bay SDS is determined to find a solution to the budget dilemma, without cutting staff and faculty or further burdening students. After gathering 3000+ petition signatures, our referendum was reviewed to repeal USF’s 15% tuition increase. All USF Students were able to vote Oct 11 and 12th from 8am-8pm. Fun fact about our referendum: the others didn’t come with a “no preference” option. Nor was the first option for the others “NO”.

Tampa Bay SDS Challenged USF Students to a New Referendum Question

During the Live WMNF Interview, several supportive listeners called in, and Phil from Pasco County suggested we ask Judy to refuse her $500,000 bonus! He stated “people don’t earn $500,000, they steal it!” We were unprepared when another caller stated he’d previously been in SDS in the 70’s. Back then, Tuition at USF was $12/credit hour. He thanked us for doing what we are doing and encouraged other listeners to have their children join our chapter.

We want to give a special thanks to the staff at WMNF for being great hosts and to Rob Lorei for the chance to let Tampa listeners know not all young people are letting injustices like the 15% Tuition Increases go unchallenged!