Students for a Democratic Society Stand in Solidarity with Indiana University Student, Staff & Faculty on Strike

From Florida to Canada to Chile to Indiana, students are rising up and pushing back against privatization, austerity, and corporate hegemony over our education and culture. As administrators stuff their coffers with bonuses and exorbitant salaries, students are forced to take out more loans, ensnaring them in a cycle of debt and workers see layoffs and wage cuts. Students and workers represent the broad majority of the University system and without them university presidents and provosts would not have a job. It’s time for the 1% of our universities to chop from the top! No more will students and workers pay for the mistakes of others.

IU on Strike represents an exciting new step in the US student movement: students in conjunction with staff and faculty exerting their collective power in a way that cannot be ignored. The same people that sit on the Board of Trustees of our universities also work for banks and corporations pushing student loans and are the same ones pushing for massive tuition increases each year. Students around the country should look to IU on Strike as a powerful example of what we are capable of when organized around our interests.

Students for a Democratic Society stand in complete solidarity with the IU strikers and call on students around the country to organize protests, rallies, teach-ins, and strikes on their campuses to demand an end to tuition hikes and fees and raise the banner of: Education is a right!

They say cut back, we say fight back!

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